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Driver/Guide Program

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The Driver/Guide Program is a subsidized program that allows persons who are blind or visually impaired living in both rural and urban communities throughout the state of Utah to pay a volunteer mileage for driving and guiding them to doctor appointments, shopping, etc. This service is especially valuable where and when other public transportation is either limited or does not exist. In some cases, this program is the only means by which many of our members have to perform personal errands.

The program provides mileage reimbursement to volunteers who agree to act as drivers and guides for people who have lost their sight. This dual role is extremely beneficial since the volunteer can assist in shopping, filling out forms, locating offices, etc.

The Driver/Guide Program is open to those who pay an annual membership or are a lifetime member of the Utah Council of the Blind throughout the state of Utah. The participant is asked to pay a small portion of the cost of the mileage reimbursement. Because of the frequently personal nature of the service, members are encouraged to acquire their own driver/guide with whom they can develop a strong working relationship. However, if a person needs assistance identifying people who are willing to assist in this capacity, the volunteer program may be able to help.

How It Works

This subsidized program allows a member to pay a person not living with them $.50 per mile for up to 300 miles per month to drive them to their personal errands.

The member pays the organization $.15 per mile they wish to purchase, up to 300 miles or $45 per month. We will send them coupons for the miles purchased. The member then gives the coupons to the driver/guide, who sends them back to us along with a voucher to receive a check for $.50 per mile driven during the month.

How to Purchase Coupons

Once a participant has identified a driver/guide they can purchase their monthly coupons in one of the following ways:

  1. Send a check for the cost of the number of coupons you wish to purchase to: Utah Council of the Blind, PO Box 1415, Bountiful, UT 84011-1415. Be sure to include the name and address of the person to whom they are to be mailed.
  2. To pay by credit card:

Driver Guide Reimbursement Form

If you are a qualifeid volunteer or driver for the Utah Council of the Blind and would like to download the Driver/Guide Reimbursement Request form:

Download the Driver/Guide Reimbursement Request Form.

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Would you like to Volunteer?

If you want to be a volunteer, please contact us at: (801) 299-0670

You can also download and print the Volunteer form but you must contact us before you can volunteer. All volunteers must be screened and approved before they can participate.

Download the Volunteer Form.