Presentation Committee

The Utah Council of the Blind will come and Speak on behalf of the organization to give a presentation. We will come out to your School, College or University to address the student body about our organization.

We give presentations and are available for public speaking engagements.

The UCB also has annual conferences and other events. If you want to be part of the conference as a public speaker or have an insightful presentation that would benefit our members, you can get a hold of our Presentation Committee and communicate what you have or want to present. Depending on the Committee's findings, if your presentation is viable for a UCB conference, they will send you notification.

Pictured below are highlights from the UCB State Training Conference presentations with Ramona Rice, JD Seely, Jack Thomas, Mayor of Park City, and Utah's First Lady Jeannette Herbert and past presentations.

Leslie Gertsch ucb member speaking at a UCB conference Ramona Rice, ucb conference chair with Utah first lady, Jeannette Herbert, 
 who recognized 5 organizations for their outstanding work Ramona Rice ucb conference chair speaking at a ucb conference

"Leslie Gertsch"

"Ramona Rice & Jeannette Herbert"

"Ramona Rice"

Jeannette Herbert Presentation at the State Training Conference Jack Thomas, Mayor of Park City welcoming and giving a brief history of Park City, Park City Jd Seely a ucb member, telling his testimony at a ucb State Training Conference how he is working with businesses such as Texas Road House, Wendy's and Lowe's to get funding to help reach out to other blind individuals who need help with home projects, meals and transportation

"Jeannette Herbert"

"Mayor Jack Thomas"

"JD Seely"

Speaker at UCB State Training Conference

If you want our organization to do a presentation, or if you want to speak at one of our conferences:

Please contact us at:
ph (801) 299-0670
or (800) 273-4569
fax (801) 292-6046

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Would you like to Volunteer?

If you want to be a volunteer, please contact us at: (801) 299-0670

You can also download and print the Volunteer form but you must contact us before you can volunteer. All volunteers must be screened and approved before they can participate.

Download the Volunteer Form.