Assistive Technology Grant Program

There are a lot of social services for the blind and many of them can help you find assistive technology as an aid to become more independent. For those with hearing and sight loss, there are special programs which offer support service providers to help you access your community as well as special adaptive technology to assist with both sensory losses. The organization also has a credit union for all blind members. This allows them to get low interest rates for assistive technology they may need. The Assistive Technology Grant Program provides financial assistance to people with sight loss so they can acquire expensive assistive devices which make them more independent. This may include: a Braille Embosser, a computer with voice or screen enlargement, special magnifiers, digital recorders, talking GPS etc. The individual with sight loss will pay 25% of the cost of the assistive device while grant money is used to pay the remainder. Depending on the need, UCB will also train you how to use the assistive technology like JAWS or Zoom Text. A lot of times we see people who are blind and receive assistive technology such as JAWS from the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation and they do not receive any training how to use this technology. They only know how to turn it on, but with the right training, this technology allows a blind person to navigate their computers and become connected again. Depending on your case and if you are a member, we can train you how to use this vital assistive technology.

Grace and John Johnson in front of an Optelec Clearview Video Magnifier with speech

Here is an image of Grace Johnson. She was granted from the Utah Council of the Blind Adaptive Technology Grant Program an Optelec Clearview Video Magnifier with speech. Her brother John Johnson got the neighborhood to donate to provide this expensive technology. She is sitting facing the camera with the Optelec in the background and the technician training her. John is standing to the side of her. Grace and John are so grateful and wanted everyone to see an example of someone helped by the equipment grant.

If you are a UCB member and interested in receiving a Grant, download The Technology Fund Application Form found below and return it to the Utah Council of the Blind.

We do not know what the future of the DSBVI holds, but the State Office of Rehabilitation will still be delegating funds to the blind who want to be trained and rehabilitated for work. Many of you may have heard of the huge change in Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired made by the past Legislature. The Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DSBVI) will be located under the Department of Workforce Services. Formerly, the Division was placed under the Board of Education, where it enjoyed the supervision of the Board as well as the less competition for resources.

Technology Fund Application Form

If you are a member and want to download the Technology Fund Application Form for the Assistive Technology Grant, please fill out and return by mail to The Utah Council of the Blind for low interest rates for assistive technology:

Download the Technology Fund Application Form.

Please download and read the attached policy and guidelines for obtaining the Adaptive Technology Grant from the UCB: Download the UCB Technology Grant Policy.

If you are a client of the O.R. and live in our area, You can contact us if you want to make an appointment for an assessment at:
Utah Council of the Blind
ph (801) 299-0670
or (800) 273-4569
fax (801) 292-6046

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If you want to be a volunteer, please contact us at: (801) 299-0670

You can also download and print the Volunteer form but you must contact us before you can volunteer. All volunteers must be screened and approved before they can participate.

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