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"Utah's leading nonprofit membership organization for people who are blind or visually impaired"

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The Utah Council of the Blind, also known as UCB, is a membership organization made up primarily of blind and visually impaired individuals who seek to improve the lives of people with various degrees of vision loss. We are a state affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB), which gives us a national voice, yet allows us to be independent in creating our own goals, programs, along with keeping and using donations within the State of Utah. The UCB is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, which allows donations to our organization to be tax deductible. Our members pay a small annual fee, but we primarily depend on grants, private donations, and small fundraising events throughout the year to provide the funding for our many programs and activities.

Our organization uses over 90% of all income solely for our programs, with less than 10% spent on administrative costs. With that in mind, in order to keep our administration costs low, all of our board members and our executive director work on a volunteer basis. We also have a large need for volunteers to complete various tasks, from office work, driving, reading mail, helping with getting large mailings ready to send, and soliciting donations to assist with setting-up, running, and taking down of activities.

  • a group of UCB members with Leslie Gertsch and Missy VanCampen and a woman holding flowers
  • Youth receiving a scholarship from UCB
  • Families come for the Beeping Eggs, Goodies and Entertainment at the Annual Easter Party
  • a lot of families came to the UCB annual Easter Party
  • Annual Christmas Party Guests Enjoy a Sumptuous Feast
  • beeping easter egg at the UCB Annual Easter Party
  • CenturyLink Pioneers Providing Beeping Eggs, Goodies and Entertainment at Annual Easter Party
  • Children with their Easter Baskets get instructions for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt
  • Cindi Vega and Her Guide enjoy the Pigeon Exhibit at the Utah State Fair
  • Congratulations to Scholarship Winner Erin Nightingale
  • Easter bunny at UCB Annual Easter Party
  • a group of UCB members and Leslie Gertsch standing together
  • a Fire Fighter Helps George Youngdell Practice Correctly Using A Fire Extinguisher at State Training Conference
  • Jeannette Herbert Presentation at State Training Conference
  • Park City Mayor Jack Thomas Presentation at State Training Conference
  • Santa and his Elf visit with Children at Annual Christmas Party
  • Speaker at State Training Conference
  • Carol Grundmann, Tonya Neff-Roberts, Leslie Gertsch and Missy VanCampen Display $2500 Award Check from SelectHealth for Teacher/Trainer Program
  • Tonya Neff-Roberts and Carol Grundmann work with Missy VanCampen as Team Teacher
  • UCB youth outing
  • Leslie Gertsch and Missy VanCampen
  • members and their family enjoying the Christmas Party
  • Tonya Neff-Roberts and Carol Grundmann work with Missy VanCampen as Teacher/trainer Team

Ways to give to the Utah Council of the Blind


If you shop at amazon.com, just use the www.smile.amazon.com web address, where you have the opportunity to select a charity to support with your purchases. Amazon then contributes a small percentage of most of your purchase to the charity of your choice. The easiest way to set the UCB as your charity of choice is as follows:

Smith's Rewards

First, you must have a Smith's rewards card. If you do not have this card, ask for one at a checkout or service desk when you are at Smith's. For those of you who use your rewards cards to earn gasoline discounts, be aware that the Community Rewards do not affect those discounts at all. You will still be able to accumulate fuel points as before.

Second, you must have registered the card online. To do this, go to https://www.smithsfoodanddrug.com, follow the link to register and fill out the form with your email address, a password you create, your home store, etc.
To assign the UCB as your charitable organization:

Blind hunter shoots massive bull elk

Clearfield, Utah - A Clearfield man, "totally blind," recently shot and killed a bull elk, thanks to some help from his friend Darel Webb.

Jim Cabrey, a member of the Utah Council of the Blind, has been blind for more than three decades. "By the time I hit junior high, I was totally blind," said Jim Cabrey. He has been hunting since high school with his friend Darel Webb. "A lot of people may think it's crazy, cause he can't see," said Webb. "He shoulders the gun and I look through the scope with safety glasses," added Webb. Webb helps Cabrey aim, but Cabrey ultimately fires the shots. This year, Cabrey applied for a hunting license to hunt elk, and got it. "He's been wanting a nice bull elk for a long time," said Webb. In late September, with Webb by his side, Cabrey spent days searching for the big one. "I'm going for the biggest one we can find, if we can help it," said Jim Cabrey. After passing up smaller elk, Darel Webb spotted a massive elk. Cabrey pulled the trigger. The first shot hit; so did the second; the third missed; and the fourth hit the mark. "And you shot him all by yourself, dude! Beautiful bull," Webb can be heard saying on a cell phone video. "Outstanding, dude," said Webb. Webb says that in a lifetime of hunting, he himself has never shot an elk so big. It was special, he says, because Cabrey pulled the trigger. "Just to see the smile on his face, I knew it was a big success," said Darel Webb.

Official Disclaimer:
The opinions expressed in this story are not the opinions of the Utah Council of the Blind, its affiliates, staff, administrators or board of directors.

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